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Default Re: LEAST favorite villain

Late to the party...

Originally Posted by hafizbat View Post
I also never was impressed with the Riddler...seems like a watered-down Joker to me. When has he ever struck fear into Batman/Gotham? All he does is silly riddles, trying to prove that he is smarter than the world's greatest detective. Sounds like a storyline for just one show or comic, not such a recurring villain as the Riddler.
Since Batman is a detective a foe like the Riddler makes perfect sense.

Originally Posted by lordofthenerds View Post
There have been a few issues where he has come across as more menacing. For instance, in Dark Knight: Dark City he actually kills people without hesitation.
Originally Posted by GothamAlleys View Post
I was just about to mention Dark Knight, Dark City. One of my fave stories (I love the spooky supernatural Batman stories most), and its by far the best Riddler story imo
It can't be the "best Riddler story" since the Riddler is obsessed by a demon and not his true self. It doesn't really count.

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