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Default Re: Which comic book hero will reign supreme next year?

Originally Posted by Moridin View Post
The only name I've officially heard as being involved with the MoS script (other than Goyer) is Kurt Johnstad and that was to polish the 3rd act. C Nolan has a story credit and that's it. Goyer recently claimed full credit for the script, so J Nolan can't have been involved heavily (though I really hope he was).. and that worries me greatly because Goyer is a sucky screenwriter.
Gill has confirmed that The Nolans had direct influence on the script. Goyer might have gotten full credit but Chris and Jonah touched the screenplay. How much? That is unknown at the moment.

It wouldn't be the first time. Goyer wrote the Begins and Knight scripts, but Chris made alterations to both. The final drafts weren't 100% Goyer's, yet Nolan suggested that David was the workhorse and deserved most of the credit.

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