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Default Re: Which comic book hero will reign supreme next year?

Originally Posted by Tony Stark View Post
The thing that Thor TDW, has going for it, is Chris Hemsworth is a major heartthrob and quickly becoming a huge mega star. The female audience is going to flock to Thor 2, and I don't think that will be true for MoS.

Henry Cavill is more well known than Hemsworth was when he did Thor, but Hemsworth career has just rocketed way past Cavill's. Prior to Thor, Hemsworth was only known to American audiences from a short bit playing Captain Kirk's dad. But today Hemsworth is immensly more notable than Cavill.

That's not meant to be a knockdown on Cavill, but every once in a while you get a starr that just blazes out of the gate, and that's Hemsworth.
Cavill is an unknown actor to the general audience. He's not well-known at all. Henry is precisely where Bale was prior to donning the cowl and cape. It wasn't until Batman Begins that Christian's career took off. Now, he's one of the most sought-out names in Hollywood. Cavill's career could skyrocket in popular after Man of Steel too. As for the heartthrob factor, Hemsworth will have major competition next year as soon as the marketing kicks in. He'll be facing Cavill (who already has a legion of female fans from his Tudor days). Henry is considered to be a 'hunk' so the female demographic won't be neglected either.

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