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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
They made pretty clear that Storm decided to lead the school, and none said that Angel decided to leave, either Beast, even if he has a new role on the goverment.

Logan can come and go how many times he wants, that doesnt mean he left the x-men.

Rogue being cured doesnt mean she doesnt want to stay on the school, and specially being Bobby's girlfriend.

And we dont even know if after X3 events some new adult mutants could have joined the team.

Of course the x-men can disband anytime, but taking into account hox X3 ended, this doesnt feel right at all. It just would show us that the current characters are weak and arent able to handle a school, specially with characters like Angle being son of a millonaire and Beast having the support of the Goverment.

I can understand some fans dont mind to have the x-men disbanded at this point.

But having this roster:


I see to have the all these x-men disbanded right now is a cheap decision.

Im sure if X4 was have been made on 2009, the x-men would have stayed together, the same with X5, this year. They can always have some important crises goin on at the school, but disbanded at this point?

The idea of them disbanded is cool, definetly, but again, it doesnt make justice to these important characters/members.
Disbanding the team doesn't mean leaving the school. It just means they are no longer putting on their uniforms and flying off on X-Men missions (especially with the X-jet disintegrated on Alcatraz!)

Rogue is hardly going to be doing anything now she is cured.

Storm will be too busy looking after the kids.

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde

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