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Default Re: Coleman Reese is the Riddler

They could have just given them their names from the comics. But i can accept it if Reese was a nod to the Riddler, or Barsad was a nod to Deadshot, Stephens/Bullock, Ramirez/Montoya, Jen/Holly.

A nod is good enough i mean..people would expect too many things for the future of Mr. Reese if they called him Edward Nashton from the get-go.

In the case of Barsad or Jen we never hear their names from the script uttered in the movie, so they're whoever you want them to be. Especially Jen, to me that's Holly Robinson and i dont care what they wrote in the's goddamn Holly! Barsad on the other hand is only getting attention because of 1 little scene where he's like a sniper. Even Detective Stephens doesn't really remind me of Harvey Bullock. That's just people desperately wanting the character in the movie.

I've heard even more speculation. One was that Thomas Schiff was Nolans version of MadHatter, since he was a schizophrenic from Arkham LOL. Or that Tiny Lister's character (Huge black dude with the tattoos who was on the ferries) is Amygdala. Which is more believable because of his behavior. I've heard people say he might be Killer Croc (Brian Azzarello style) or even a henchmen of Black Masks. I still don't see that comparison no matter how many times i hear ppl say "LOOK AT THE BLACK MASK TATTOO ON HIS NECK!". Maybe i dont have good eyes?? lol.

I remember another one......
Gambol could be Black Mask (his name is Roman Sionis and he starts out with Gambol as a nickname until his face gets disfigured). I remember it came out of an argument in a different forum. "Joker couldn't have killed him by just slashing his mouth". And that Tiny Lister from the ferries (see above^) was his henchmen. It probably came from the people who wanted Black Mask in the 3rd film.

The Reese stuff i can buy into but not the Thomas Schiff/Gambol speculation for instance. That's a little too much. In fact when i watch TDK now the Reese & Riddler nods are actually more clear.

"Lets make one thing very clear here - Nolan's films are as faithful an adaptation as there is. It pays homage to its source material, remains true to its characters and above all else places the story first and foremost." - jmc
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