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Default Re: Where are the Avengers?

Originally Posted by kubricklynch View Post
Until we hear otherwise, shouldn't we assume that Iron Man 3, Dark World, and Winter Solider all take place in roughly the same time frame? And the hulk is the hulk, can't exactly be counted on for regular support.
I'd assume so, although it's to early to tell specifics. They created a very specific timeline in Phase 1 that you can google search thats a good read, so I'm sure they'll make one for phase 2.
And by the way, welcome to the hype!

Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
Well, do you see the Avengers constantly showing up in the Iron Man comics whenever Tony Stark ran into trouble? Of course not. Then why should we expect the movieverse to do otherwise? Obviously SHIELD and other Avengers cannot babysit one another, and they all have their own lives to live and troubles to take care of. Besides, as Stark said in The Avengers, he doesn't work well with others, and we should not expect him to suddenly wanting their presence all the time. No matter what the problem is, I'm sure Stark can figure it out by himself eventually.
That's why the whole "where the other avengers, hmmm?" argument is a dumb one; just wait and you'll find out in their respective films. It works in the comics and it will definitely work on screen. Marvel knows what they're doing.

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