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Default Re: Next Batman Film Franchise...

This may sound stupid but, why not throw it into the Golden Age? We've seen the modern batman with all of his hi-tech, special effects gadgets but what if they made this a serious mid-cold war thriller series? You could play on the crime and the wildness of that era in a really cool way. Kind of like Watchmen only earlier than that. With the weird villains, just not the wackiness of the Adam West series. Think about how unique the characters could look; a riddler with horn-rimmed glassess, a Mr. Freeze in what seems to be a prototype spacesuit, make it look harmless, and throw extremely harmful people into that look. I think that could be really cool. Why not have Dr. Crane taking advantage of the LSD craze as a basis for his fear toxin? Why not have a post vietnam, napalm-addicted Firefly? A Charles Manson-esque Joker? The possibilites are strangely endless. In all honesty, this could be a really intuitve creative step. This could be a loop hole in the undeniable outrage of people claiming it a copy of either Nolan or the Avengers. I realize it's almost 100% unlikely, due to the fact that Batman has to be in the Justice League, but damn, that would be a cool movie series.

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