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Default Re: Rate the first Iron Man 3 trailer

I thought it was "okay".

I'm not big on the music in the trailer, or at least when the suits start blowing up. (this is the same who did the music for The Expendables and the Fast n Furious movies btw).

I find the slow mo explosions to be cheesy.

Stark's dialogue seems forced. I'm not sure if it's the dialogue itself or the way it's being spoken. Perhaps it doesn't feel earned. It's a lot of 'sad talk' without outlining what the actual emotional issue at hand is.

The Mandarin's dialogue didn't do anything for me. His accent was interesting though.

Visual effects were very intricate but lacked impact (except for the shot of Iron Man getting crushed, which was awesomely framed). The shots of his home crumbling into the ocean remind me of 2012.

That being said, I really like the first shot of Iron Man on the ice, especially the colouring.

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