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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion

Originally Posted by Ultimatehero View Post
I posted this in another thread but I think it might be overlooked there:

As a bi guy and having just read the two comics this is based on, it brought to mind many things.

Lines from Uncanny X-Men 141:

I've heard horror stories of children being taken away from gay couples because it wasn't believed that they should be able to keep their children because of their sexuality. I forgot where I heard this, but it was frightening to hear.

Although gay marriage is becoming more legally acceptable, I would be lying if I didn't say I don't fear what will happen if/when the political climate changes. Some states add those rights then have taken them away. Rejection of gay families.

Gay people come out as bisexual because they think if they are not pure gay it will make life easier for them. And although it doubling chances is a myth, being bi does make it easier to be accepted. We (bis) would be the 'middle' A zone - not pure mutants with the same fear from people, but not the same level of prosecution.

Gay people are still attacked, killed, and sometimes commit suicide because of persecution.

ALL of which are in the two comics. While reading it, all I could think about is this.... if Romney takes away or threatens to take away gay marriage or rights and a pack of gay radicals kill him in a scene of terrorism to send a message - what kind of world and views would this create? I know this sounds absurd, but just go with it for a second -- could THIS attack lead to the same kind of world? It just seemed like a real possibility to me and that was unnerving.

It's kinda obvious metaphorically why this series is going there - it's timely and important. Plus this film series always has important LGBT metaphors due to Singer's input and it being the closest to the world of the X-Men.

Now re-read the above passage with the real-world substitute:

Does the re-worded passage sound like something that far fetched?

That seems frighteningly like something that could happen. As said, ask yourself if Romney became president and then started talking about disbanding gay marriage and potentially rights because it wasn't seen as 'gods way' - and in retaliation, a couple of gay radicals killed him in an act of terrorism - would we wake up the next day as though nothing happened or would we wake up in the year '2013'?

Singer's previous X-Men films dealt with these metaphors sometimes subtly other times more up front. And the story and conflicts here just really stood out as something that's timely.

Note: Please don't turn this into a political or presidential debate, the main reason I noted him is because he's a big political figure currently and from a certain religious stance which views homosexuality as a sin against mankind. There have been others before him and there will be others after him. And yeah, I'll admit to phrasing it that way because - if you were to sum up President Kelly and his conflicts with mutant kind, what would it be?
Even though I'm voting for Romney today, I think this is an excellent post.

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