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Default Re: Where are the Avengers?

I don't really see the point to this question, I mean as others have said before, it's a solo-venture, the other heroes are busy doing their own hero-stuff. Thor can't be on Midgard helping Stark while he's defending the Nine-Realms; Captain America and Hawkeye are probably off in a mission dealing with their own threats and trying to solve the mystery of the Winter Soldier; Banner is still out doing what he does best: helping people while not hulking-out. The only two members people could bring up are Black Widow, Fury, and SHIELD since they did feature prominently in the past 2 films, but that isn't to say they need to be here. This is Tony Stark's story. Unless the entire world's gone crazy you don't really need to bring everyone together at all.

They each have their own niche in the cinematic universe, this is Iron Man's.

Plus, considering the trailer, it seems as though Stark is going off the radar in this anyway.

Originally Posted by Marvel View Post
No kidding. This is good fan talk here because we all know and most of us love the books and characters but I'm getting the vibe from around the Net that others are trying to use this factor to bash the film.

I kind of find it funny that all future Marvel films will have to contend with certain individuals wanting them to fail because of their past success. "Where are the rest of the Avengers?" seems to be the early battle cry as if they won't cover that in the plot. That's the price anyone pays for being at the summit I guess.
Yes-- that sort of nay-saying mentality is really tiring. Good GOD do people take these to the extreme! It's either so awesome that you have to wet your pants or so terrible that you've got gas. Either one or the other. That sort of extremism should be left for the political parties.

I mean, I guess I sort of understand why a lot of people wanted to compare The Avengers with The Dark Knight Rises, I guess I sort of understand all the fan-rage over "camp-Whedon vs. camp-Nolan" but it's puerile. We don't need that. And now you're bringing up that come Phase 2 people will be waiting for it to fail and not live up with Phase 1, even those who loved the first films to a fault...and.... it makes sense. It's what we'll be seeing soon

It's like when the entire internet ganged up and said how DC lost big time when they didn't hire Whedon the week after Avengers hit. I get it, it was their loss but that's sort of old-news (three years over?) You have the Avengers now, a movie that was on a much bigger scale, and yet the fans retorted to that old DC vs. Marvel debate, culminating into the discussion seeping into the celebrities themselves when the cast of Avengers were bringing it up.


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