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Th Eek Re: Is orgins still apart of the timeline now?

Originally Posted by Alexei Belyakov View Post
The time traveler is the star of the film. Its the lead role.

They're not gonna make Ellen Page or Anna Paquin the star of the film.

Jackman's the most likely candidate.
surely if he is in a solo film next year they won't bring wolverine back so soon as a main character for Xmen DOFP

he could be back as a cameo maybe at the start of film in the future where we see a fight between him and sentinals which he ends up being killed in just to show us how bad things have actually become in the future, after all wolverine has been seen as the hero in the past films except first class so seeing him die will be a big Shock

if wolverine dies you know we are talking serious S***

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