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Default Re: So Cap's Shield is tattooed on Mandarin's neck. Anyone care to explain?

Those are some excellent suggestions! I don't know which one I'd want more! I personally think it's more coherent than that, as Hunter Rider's said, it's got to be linked up with the Iron Patriot armor in some capacity.

I like the theory of Mandarin being a militant leader in the 70s when CapAm was "the hero who doesn't show" -- he'd be a Godot figure, making the interpretation of him being an anarchist, that is, fundamentally believing that nothing inherently exists plausible, more cohesive. Of course, anarchists have a more positivist approach to human nature, they believe that humanity can be inherently good and self-sustaining without the 'corruption' of reason and system -- like the Joker, Mandarin might be looking at Stark as the ultimate symbol of rationality and hence Order, and therefore opting for chaos. He calls himself a "teacher," just as the Joker or any number of terrorists consider themselves to be "ahead of the curve" and being in this position to bestow some sort of universal inner-wisdom. Anarchism, politically speaking, strives for a utopian cause. It's all there.

As for the tat, what if they do make a more closer connection to Bin Laden and show how the Ten-Rings had been armed by the US, like how the Taliban was aided by the CIA in the Afghan-Russian wars and so we have the Mandarin as this psuedo-SHIELD operative who was part of a failed super-soldier project. That could explain his 'A'. It would also bring that theme of guilt/responsibility that Stark felt regards his weapons in the first film back to this one.

I'm not convinced that it's an Anarchist logo, I mean it could be, but that blue in the middle does suggest the American flag. Even if it is an anarchist sign it's meant to look like the captain's shield.

The tat suggests a possible connection with the Iron Patriot.


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