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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion

Angamb: Are you asking if I would disband the X-Men in the aftermath of TLS - based on its canonical ending - were I in charge of doing a hypothetical X4? Probably not, mainly because, with a direct sequel to TLS that focused on the entire team rather than one specific character (which is the case with The Wolverine), you would want to keep the team together in order to tell more stories about them as a group.

However, what I would do is irrelevant because I'm not in charge of the X-franchise, and if Mangold says that, by the time of the events of The Wolverine (however long after TLS they might take place), the X-Men have officially disbanded as a group, that's the current 'status quo' of the X-verse. How or even if The Wolverine's events will have relevance to or link with Days of Future Past is something we'll have to wait to find out about, but, for now, it makes complete sense, if you look at the ending of TLS, for Mangold's statement to be true as it pertains to the events of The Wolverine.

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