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Default Re: Is orgins still apart of the timeline now?

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
You could have wolverine as a cameo and still show him in the trailers and things to promote the film, its not like FOX hasn't done it before, aka deadpool

give wolverine a decent fight, a few badass lines, maybe with bishop and someone else, cut some of that in trailer and people will be excited

i don't see why it has to be a major role a year after his solo film

i have a good idea. make ellen page the time traveler. show wolverine dying in the future just like in the comic at the hands of sentienls. since colossus and storm are around in x3 they an be resistance fighters and it cam be similar to the comic.

so ellen page travels back and meets with xavier and the team but midway thru the film ellen page convinces the team that they have to enlist wolverine to help stop the preventable event. and they get the wolverine from the first class cameo.

but the trick is this is the same "bone claws" wolverine we saw in the WWII cameo from The Wolverine.

but during the battle wolverine gets his bone claws damaged or ripped out/crushed and he ends up claw-less and he meets up with stryker and learns about adamantium. also stryker and his son jason can be introduced too.

but this 60's wolverine is more bad ass and is meaner. He's the bad ass that stryker hints that he is in x2.

but ellen page and xavier convince him to help out and not be selfish.

but this is a good way to erase orgins and just have dialogue that establish the fact that the timeline is that x-men1 - the wolverine is its own timeline. similar to star trek reboot where they establish that the new timeline and old timelines are different.

and first class is its own trilogy

but that orgins is some kind of bad dream

and i think they need to establish that first class timeline is an alternate past and the xmen triliogy/the wolverine is an alternate parallel future.

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