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Default Re: Which Comic Book Movie in 2013 are you most looking forward too?

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Since Superman didn't throw a single punch in Superman Returns some of us want to see that MOS won't follow the same path. Supes is a ridiculously over-powered character, but at least they've given him villains he can physically fight in this one. It's well over a year since principal photography started on MOS, so they should have many effects sequences ready to be included in a trailer.
If the Comic-Con trailer is any indication, the CGI/SFX should be polished by now. So the first full-length theatrical trailer should be set to go. Hell, WB could release the trailer with Twilight if they wanted to, but I wonder if the score is finished.

After the debacle that was SR, the MOS trailer needed to wow and for me it didn't. Slow and boring =/= epic. It wasn't helped at all by the use of a recognizable piece of music from The Fellowship of the Rings, taken from that movie's most somber scene. It was a dirge, which gave the trailer a downer feel. We should come away from a trailer for an action movie feeling energized and eager to see more, not depressed and weighed down. Hopefully the first full trailer will have more to offer.
Eh, I disagree. Man of Steel's teaser was perfect in setting the tone for the film. The symbolism also helped create an inspiring atmosphere. I don't know how you found it to be depressing, quite honestly. I perceived the teaser to be sentient and uplifting while showcasing Superman's humanity flawlessly.

The proceeding trailer will be more action-packed though. It's Zack Snyder, after all. I'm expecting a very physical Superman with heavy Sci-Fi elements.

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