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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
40% on the TDKR boards is saying it's a 10/10 on that one poll and there's another poll somewhere that even has TDKR as the better film of the trilogy. I highly doubt the same would be said if there was a poll on giving Godfather 3 a rating or if it was the best.

Like I said, TDKR is a polarizing film even with Batman fans, but a rather large chunk loves the film and would regard TDKR as the best of the three.
People always show more love for the newer movie. I don't think in time, TDKR will be held in any regard near TDK. Heck, when SR came out, it was very divisive and a good portion of people on here thought it was best Superman film ever. You don't see that same number of posters praising that film anymore.

Originally Posted by CapedCrusader14 View Post
I know plenty of people that absolutely loved Rises. Hell, one of my friends considers it the best out of the 3.
I don't think in any test, your friends is a good public opinion gage. They always mirror your opinion to some degree, whether we admit they do or not.

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