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Default Re: Transformers: Prime

Yesterday's cliffhanger episode was intense and well done but also very predicable, Dreadwing returning The Forge of Solus Prime to Optimus was a given as soon as he discovered what really happened to Skyquake under Starscream's command so killing him off was to be excepted as soon as Megs reinstated Starscream back into the Con ranks in the previous episode "Patch". I figured as soon as the kids returned, Megs would use them as his Ace in the hole if necessary against the Autobots. I'm kinda surprised Optimus didn't put that into consideration and have Ratchet bridge them to the base as soon as Team Prime headed off to Cybertron to keep them safe. But I guess the goal to finally restore Cybertron clouded Optimus's judgement and his promise to the kids.

either way I'll be watching the Marathon next week that leads directly into the season 2 finale "Our Darkest Hour"

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