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Default Re: MCU Phase 2 Box Office/Budget Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
Obviously it's early so these aren't much more than guesses...

Iron Man 3
Budget: 225M/Domestic Gross: 350M/Overseas Gross: 550M/Total Gross: 900M

Thor: The Dark World
Budget: 200M/Domestic Gross: 220M/Overseas Gross: 450M/Total Gross: 670M

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Budget: 175M/Domestic Gross: 200M/Overseas Gross: 300M/Total Gross: 500M

Guardians of the Galaxy
Budget: 175M/Domestic Gross: 160M/Overseas Gross: 250M/Total Gross: 410M

Avengers 2
Budget: 300M/Domestic Gross: 550M/Overseas Gross: 1.1B/Total Gross: 1.65B

Budget: 100M/Domestic Gross: 110M/Overseas Gross: 150M/Total Gross: 260M
I generally agree on most of these numbers, but I could definitely see Cap, Guardians, and Ant-Man making at least 100M more than is listed here...

Also, I think the budgets for Avengers 2 come down by a good 50M.

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