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Default Re: So Cap's Shield is tattooed on Mandarin's neck. Anyone care to explain?

Originally Posted by Vartha View Post
but the Iron Patriot is Rodey.
PERSONALLY it looks like the Avengers "A" at the center of the circles. we don't really KNOW that's supposed to be CAP's shield. Could be a Bullseye plane and simple for targeting the Avengers seeing as he says "there are no heroes"
Doubt it.
There's a difference in the font between an Avengers A and a punk-rocker anarchy A, and the photo leans heavily towards the latter. Plus, Mandarin's crusade or jihad or whatever clearly began long before the Avengers ever materialized, and most likely long before anyone even knew Cap was still alive.

He's not after the Avengers; just one in particular, who's managed to **** Mandarin's world up for the past 4 years.


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