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Default Re: Why are mutants hated but not superheroes?

Alot of it is really perception. You see a team lead by a man wearing a American flag people are going to respond much better to him. I also look at it as the odd notion of christian versus muslims in this country. While for both religions there are good people living there life in peace as well as terrorist, for some reason all muslims are lumped into the terrorist category simply cause the 9/11 attack. Now in the beginning X-Men comics mutants where not well known to the human popluation and Magneto was there intro to it. As for other superheroes where mostly becoming visable in the golden age where they where punching Adolf Hitler. It plays into a PR game as well as peoples trust in a known hero in Cap who fought Nazis over a group of kids in the beginning who had abilities that seemed foreign to them .

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