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Default Re: So Cap's Shield is tattooed on Mandarin's neck. Anyone care to explain?

Thanks Surfer.

Yeah the Ten-Rings is supposed to go all the way back to the feudal era right? Colour me convoluted but I always loved how the Ten-Rings in the first film was supposed to be real-world factions, what if it's purely symbolic in the sense that each ring is simply a token of allegiance from a different terrorist group, so that what the Mandarin represents is this ultra-terrorist leader behind all other operating factions? Each ring is one faction, and altogether he's in charge of all of them? Do we really need them to do something magical?

The Iron Patriot maybe Rhodey but it belongs to the US military and I'm assuming has something to do with Aldrich Killian. Maybe he poses as a bigger threat than just catalysing the Extremis "virus" ? If he's behind the Iron Patriot and working for the Mandarin, we see they're taking out the military and the guy with the big-guns. Tony's going off-the-radar this time, I wonder if we'll have a subplot where he's framed and wanted by SHIELD or something? Sort of making the burgeoning debate of "why isn't Fury helping him out" turning out to be "coz he's also after him." I mean, so far we have what? 1) Extremis armor storyline / Aldrich Killian, 2) Coldblood, assuming to be related to the extremis storyline somehow but operating as your generic supervillain, and 3) The Mandarin and ten-rings.

It's a good way of not going overboard while at the same time feeding into the "hundreds of people wanting to kill" Stark.


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