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Default Re: Should Fox increase the scale of the franchise?

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
I think it works fine especially in X2 but they are not a covert team in hiding behind masks in these films. How the populations opinion could change once they discover mutants are saving the world should be addressed more in the future imo. Would it create more problems? Or make them more accepted? I liked that the Museum scene in X2 started to focus on non mutant interactions scenes that werent government related. Wish there were more scenes like that.
definetly agree. They need to start showing more interaction with humans. In First Class series case, they havent adressed x-men families yet, so it feels like a must for the next sequel, at least with one of the x-men. And them one love interest for another... I mean, they are teenagers, for gods shake, teenagers have families, love interests, friends... a decent part of all of that needs to be shown. All of that is what will make a complex and interesting movie.

Not just a superhero team fighting with a badass villain or villains

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