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Default Re: Next Batman Film Franchise...

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
Hopefully this is exactly what happens. Right now I'm getting the vibe that people want Batman to go lighter now and be more like the Marvel Studios films. And with WB pushing so hard for Justice League who knows what they're thinking right now...

I just hope it has some balls, whichever direction they take it. Lately I'm thinking one great way to go would be to just start film 1 with the Bat-family already in play. Have Jason Todd already there as Robin, and you can do a three film arc where Jason is killed somewhere towards in the middle and explore how this affects the whole Bat-family. Could be a way to get Robin, Nightwing, Oracle- all these characters in there that people want to see. But adapting "A Death in the Family" keeps it dark and brings that element of tragedy without having to rehash the Waynes' murder yet again. Just a thought. The only problem with this is that everyone will see it coming, just like everyone knows Gwen is going to bite it in ASM 2. But a little creativity can go a long way on that one.
I love your idea but why not have him die at the end of the first movie, have Hush as the villain in the second movie, and then the Red Hood storyline last?

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