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Default Re: The Captain America/Chris Evans Thread - Part 2

One of the things I detested about the Avengers (don't get me wrong I loved it!) was the underuse of Captain America. (See image below).

It was this issue that made me a fan of Captain America for the very first time. I always thought he was just some weak mascot like Marvin and his wonder dog only there to lift the spirits of the other capable heroes, but when he pwned the controller using his combat acrobatics I was an instant fan, so much so, that same afternoon in 1987 I was doing backflips on Mrs. Johnsons trampoline for 6 straight hours! Why then did we only get one freakin flip in this movie? There were so many opportunities for some good flips but no, he just flails his arms in anticipation of hitting the ground. They should seriously think about applying the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon approach to Captain America as he could have made this movie rock harder than it already did. Yea, I think Steve needs a better agent.

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