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Default Re: How close should a comic book movie be to its source material?

Originally Posted by terry78 View Post
Paul W.S. Anderson more or less just said "**** it" after the first Resident Evil.
Yes. It pretty much became paint by the numbers fanfiction. It went below simply being an adaption.

I think its okay to change certain elements from the source material if it helps lend credibility to the source material's translation into film. Take the earthquake that created the No Man's Land in Gotham. Nolan took the idea of Bane with a nuke from the same comic that had Bane working with Talia and Ra's; he used that nuke's presence to create a more feasible No Man's Land.

Joker is incredibly close to his Killing Joke incarnation. The whole "You wanna know how I got these scars" angle was Nolan "showing" Joker's "One bad day" line from TKJ. There was a website that basically posted scans of comic strips where Joker was acting/resembled his TDK incarnation.

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