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Default Re: MCU Phase 2 Box Office/Budget Prediction Thread

I think you are being a little optimistic about TA2's gross, the first one doing as well as it did was kind of a stroke of luck..

Just look at Avatar and John Carter; both are kind of similar films, with huge budgets, but JC, with just a little lower quality, failed completely.

As for budgets, I guess IM3 lies between $200M-$225M, CA2 between $150M-$180M, TDW between $175M-$200M and The Avengers 2 will probably be reported as a $250M production, though costing more.

Not so sure about Ant-Man, have a little trouble seeing how they're going to sell him to the GA.. I guess there's a reason his film is coming out after TA2, so that the GA get to know him! I guess a standard $140M-$150M budget.

GotG is a total wildcard, that will be needing some clever marketing.. With the amount of CGi I imagine it will have, it would probably need a $200M budget, though..

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