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Default Re: Why are mutants hated but not superheroes?

This is my problem with whole situation. The Marvel universe is saturated with super powered individuals. Every single possible iteration of every superpower that Marvel writers could think of exists somewhere. We had the 50 state initiative a while back, every state had a super hero team because every state was under threat of attack by whatever super villain was in the area. Meta humans are lurking around every corner. So my question is this, how do people know that it's mutants they're hating? In all the x books mutants are always being persecuted, everyone always just knows that they're mutants and they get treated to all the small minded bigotry society has to offer. But how does anyone not equipped with their very own x-gene detector know that the flying chick who crashed into their home is a mutant, and didn't gain her powers from some secret government experiment. How do they know the monster terrorizing downtown is a mutant and not someone who was exposed to cosmic rays, the person controlling the weather isn't actually a demigod instead of a product of human evolution. Why can't some poor persecuted movie say to the angry mob, oh don't worry guys, I'm not a mutant, some alien gifted me with cosmic abilities. How do they know the difference, and why does no hero, (other than Spiderman, who doesn't count because honestly his whole purpose is life is to be the whipping boy of the Marvel universe) ever have to deal with mistaken persecution because people mistake them for mutants?

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