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Default Re: Wolverine's Mask

Wolverine has no backstory for his mask that's the problem. Yes batman's mask looks ridiculous in most contexts but his whole MO is taking what scared him as a child and adopting it as his persona to a)scare criminals and b) protect his identity.

Wolverine is not much more of a nickname since he doesn't really try to look like a wolverine nor was he really inspired by wolverines. So his costume and mask just come off looking garish and pointless (what are those mask fins supposed to be anyways?). Not to mention wolverine barely knows his own identity let alone tries to protect it.

He has a "i don't give a **** attitude" which is usually counter to someone wearing a flamboyant mask. Wolverine is probably the worst example of a comic character with a mask just for the sake of being drawn with one.

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