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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - Part 141

Originally Posted by Goku Goes Crazy View Post
I feel very nostalgic about the hype for this film. I actually kind of miss the times before we saw the film. I miss the anticipation. I miss the speculation and theories. The trolls and the insiders. It was so much fan. I never had this much fun following a movie. Hell of a ride, and I miss it dearly.

At least the movie is almost out on Blu Ray(Wow, can you believe that?!)
I'm with ya dude. This movie was a blast to follow. Things were so quiet in the years following TDK that when any little piece of news trickled out about TDKR, it felt like sacred info and would get picked apart to no end.

When Tom Hardy was cast, I definitely was still thinking along the lines that the villain would probably be Riddler. Not only because I wanted to see Nolan's take on the character, but the rumors had consistently mentioned various actors for the role, so it seemed kind of inevitable. That's how little we knew about this movie back in October 2010. Then Nolan drops the bombshell that the villain isn't the Riddler! Ha! Then all the Hugo Strange theories that followed. Good times.

For me, the fun with this movie was in not knowing if they could top TDK...but knowing that they were gonna damn sure try. Considering there seemed to be a fair chance Nolan would just walk away (and nobody would blame him), I took comfort in the knowledge that he was going to finish what he started. There were times when the wait was just agonizing. Everyone has their opinion on the results of course, but for me the anticipation of these Nolan Bat-films is something that will probably never quite be replicated. I think the IMAX had a lot to do with that for me too. Seeing those prologues months in advance is just insane and takes hype to a new level. Those sizzle reels at the end were just jaw-dropping. Such a simple concept...Shot. Black. Shot. Black. But seeing that on an IMAX screen with Zimmer's score pounding...pure adrenaline. It made 6 months feel like it was going to be an eternity.

It's insane, but this fan-edit using Burton/Schumacher clips (even made to look a like a bootleg) still manages to have that "F*** YES!" effect on me. It's just such a beautiful approach in its simplicity

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