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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - Part 141

Originally Posted by CapedCrusader14 View Post
I think you're underestimating a knife in between your ribs. Also add to the fact that she was twisting it damn slowly, which would have increased the pain ten-fold. And the emotional strife of finding out who she really was made him feel like hell.
Again, I know it must have hurt more than most of us could even comprehend, but again - BATMAN. Think about how much pain he has endured just from the time he spent in the prison to that moment in city hall. You're telling me that BATMAN wouldn't fight through it all when he thinks his entire city is about to be blown to smithereens?

That's not the Batman I know, and it's not the Batman from BB, TDK or really all of TDKR except that scene.

As for your last point about the emotional strife, yes, I agree that it's definitely a factor, but that is too a problem (and it's not just because Miranda isn't developed nearly enough as a love interest). Batman would have been devastated, that's for damn sure, but considering his entire arc in this trilogy, it doesn't make sense that he'd just stay down on his knees while Bane pointed a shotgun at his face. Feeling defeated and betrayed and wanting to give up is something Batman might have done in BB, but by this point in TDKR, he should be better than that.


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