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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - Part 141

Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
I think that Batman would have countered Bane even if Catwoman had not showed up, even Bane was afraid to keep Batman alive at that point, it was just that Batman did not move as he was still coping up with painful knife injury and needed some time to come up with his next move, that was the reason why Bane decided to just shoot him with a gun, so that he would not get any time to make his next move.
That was probably the most about that scene. He isn't going to make the same mistake as other villains, by prolonging Batman's life any more than necessary.

Also, another piece of evidence of how Bane is working WITH Talia (but not under her) is how Catwoman manages to sneak Lucius and Bruce out, but Talia somehow doesn't warn Bane about it? Selina says, "Bane wants these guys for himself" and Talia must have assumed that Bane knew what was going on, and that he was planning to kill them (or severely incapacitate them, if Bruce was still meant to stay alive) them in his custody.

I mean, I don't think Talia would be as evil as playing games with both her ally and her enemy just for kicks.

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