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Wall Re: The Captain America/Chris Evans Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Brian Braddock View Post
I grew up with the classic Cap tale 'How to Tame a Tumbler' [in which Cap's arguably at his most acrobatic] but even I know that acrobatic flips alone do not a Captain America make.

I agree, and since I'm on my sixth cup of coffee upon reading the issue you recommended I'm worried about getting behind the wheel of a car to go to work . But yes Cap isn't defined by his acrobatic skill, but his leadership and never-ending confidence in himself and others, these factors were so underused in the Avengers that (to quote another poster on here) the film should have been named Ironman and his 8itches. I hope the next film shows off more Cap, as I was let down seeing Black Widow do the stunts Cap was noted for. I mean how dare they treat the Captain like this in this film!? All he was a freakin side character who helped Tony start the fan blades of the Shield Helicarrier! I'm seriously getting mad now thinking about all the adventures I read about Cap and yet Tony the billionaire drunkard with a good heart upstages him. I hope the next film pits Cap against a big ass Sleeper and we see a good 15 minutes of classic Captain America asswhoopin.

Well when I first saw this film at least I wasn't the only one shouting "DO A FLIP!!!"

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