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Default Re: The Joker in the new film franchise

Of course. I'd love to see a new Joker just as much as I'm looking forward to seeing a new Batman. They're both characters that can be taken in so many different directions that every reinvention feels pretty fresh. I'd want them to do what they did with this series first and mine characters that deserve theatrical treatment, but a great way to cap off a new trilogy is have The Joker appear for the third installment and really go to town.

And in terms of film, there's still a grand opportunity yet to be mined with the character. All of the live action Jokers of the past have felt like halves of a whole that's yet to be realized, each representing parts of the character rather than his full-on character. The Romero version was the giggling trickster, the Nicholson version was the madman with a sense of class, Ledger's was the deeply twisted and surprisingly logical psychopath. Each brought something great to the table, but each lacked the whole. Take some inspiration from the Animated Series and try to blend it all into one. Have him be funny one minute, and horrifying the next.

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