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Default Re: The Joker in the new film franchise

I thought Joker should have been recast for the last Nolan film. Continuing with the joker which I'm sure they had in mind before Ledger passed I thought for the better of the trilogy they should have went with a recast. It would not have been disrespectful and I'm sure everyone would agree. But, I understand Nolan probably just thought it would not be right to have another actor try to be Ledger's joker and it would not work.

With that being said I doubt Joker would be in the first Batman movie. I also don't know if he will be in the second because he appeared in Nolan's second movie and people would say it's a dark knight knock off. I think he will appear in the third. But I think that may be a mistake because if you are going to wait that long it better be epic or you just missed a golden opportunity.

In the end in my gut I say like another poster said make him the main villain in the first with a side villain. Give him a decent size role sitting in Arkham having conversations with Batman in the second with someone else as the main villain. Then go all out with him as the main villain along with others in the third film

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