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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

Originally Posted by the last son View Post
It has to be Rachel. or nobody. Rachel was his best friend and knew him as much as anyone on the planet outside of Alfred. He wanted to marry her. Maybe Bale didn't have as much chemistry with Maggie/Katie but the story did.
Selina didn't seem interested at all in Bruce. What showed she did. It seemed maybe they shared a connection with we are both screwed up but I didn't really see much sexual chemistry from Catwoman towards men period. She seemed way more interested into women. JMO. The kiss they shared was so weird. It was way too late and she looked like she wanted to throw up.
Lol, no it actually doesn't have to be Rachel and it isn't if you ask me. I have to agree with pretty much everyone else on this thread, that for many years Bruce and Rachel had a deep connection, but that connection was clearly lost by the time Bruce became Batman, and The Dark Knight. That night when Bruce's parents are killed clearly changed his life, and who he was gonna become. To me it also might have changed Bruce's relationship with Rachel, or at least a future with her. By the time Bruce comes back to Gotham from his training, both Bruce & Rachel clearly still have hope that they will one day be together, and that still holds at the end of Batman Begins. But, it's clearly shown in The Dark Knight that any connection they ever shared with each other is fading away, and Rachel is slowly moving on, and this is why in the end she chooses Harvey Dent as she realized her and Bruce aren't meant to be anymore. Bruce just idealizes her as a life he wants, but can't have unless he can give up Batman. Yes Rachel knew Bruce longer than anyone else besides Alfred, but she clearly doesn't understnad the Batman part inside him, or some of the choices he makes as Batman.

It's been said before while Bruce certainly can give up being Batman for the rest of his life, the personailty of him and some of the issues he still has, will always be inside him, and he needs a woman in his life that can relate to him as Bruce Wayne and Batman, if he wants potential for a life-long relationship, and that woman clearly isn't Rachel anymore. In my opinion, it's hands down Selina.

First of all I don't even understand why Talia is part of this thread, LOL. They never had any romantic connection. That sex scene was so rushed. Yes Bruce and Selina could have used a little more development, but why does it matter? What we got between them was great enough, and they had way more chemistry and spark than Bruce and Rachel ever shared together. Their were just too many characters in this movie too fully foucs on a Bruce and Selina love story, but at least their relationship never felt rushed or too unrelastic to me. As much as a sex scene between Bruce and Selina would have been great and hot, it was more natural that it didn't happened, and showed their relationship in the end was much more than just attraction or sexual. Plus Selina is probably someone that would just have sex with men to get what she wants, and probably steal from them before they wake up, and she escapes.

I think Bruce certainly has the best connection and chemistry with Selina. Their first two intereactions (Selina's introudction at the manor, and the dance scene between them) just shows how much they're alike and how much chemistry they have with each other. Selina tells Bruce a bit of her life, during the ball scene, and Bruce obviously sees some simiarlites between them, and believes there's clearly more to her than being a thief. Yes, for a while Selina doesn't seem to have any real interest in Bruce, but that's because she's judging him for who she and bascially the whole entire world think he really is, a inresponsible selfesh playboy that has become a cripple and recluse. Like he says to her at the ball dance, she's assuming a bit too much, and that means his playboy act over the years has clearly work, LOL. But, there's definitely attraction at this point, and notice she makes the move on both kisses. And she even demands on kissing him even with so little time left before they all die. And other than her having a close relationship with Holly (certainly not sexual at least in my eyes, more mentor related), I didn't see her being more into women than men. I mean yes she didn't show much interest in the men she intereacted with in this movie expect for Bruce, but that's because she's a really guarded person and doesn't take **** from men or women, especially men attractred to them or not. Sadly, we didn't get to know much of her past, but we can be sure it's a dark one, and one where i'm sure she's been badly treated by bad men, especially when she was younger which is what leads her to being so defensive, and why she has a bit of a selfesh personailty. Like Bruce and maybe even more than him, she clearly doesn't trust easily. When Selina saw Bruce for who he really is, and how wrong she was about him, she started feeling a mutal connection between them, which was obvious when they saw each other again when Bruce got back to Gotham.

I can see why people would say Bruce had a deeper connection with Rachel, but I disagree. At least where Bruce is now at his life, I definitely think he shares more simllarities and connection with Selina than any other woman at least that we saw in this trilogy, and their similarities and connection are greater than any of the ones he ever shared with Rachel if you ask me. Both are very strong individuals that have many issues, and are very guarded due to their past, but can overcome those issues together something Bruce would have struggled doing with Rachel, or any other normal woman. At least that's how I see it and why I would definitely go with Selina.

And I just love how throughout the first half of the movie, Alfred & Lucius basically try to throw Miranda onto Bruce, but right when they see Selina, it's like they competely change their mind, and decide that she's actually a better potential companion for Bruce, It's like, "Never mind I actually like this girl better, she definitely gives you a run for your money" haha. And the fact that Lucius goes as far to label Selina as his girlfriend even after Bruce had a nice (well actualy cheesy lol) exchange with Miranda, makes it even funnier lol.

I agree that their relationship could have been expanded a little more, but this movie was meant to be more of a build up I think between them rather than a big on-screen romance since they already had lots of characters, and tried to make Miranda seem like the real love interest throughout almost the whole movie. Which is why I love reading some of the fanfictions out there of post TDKR, because the writers seem to know these two characters so well, and developed them so well without any rushing.

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