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Default Re: If The wolverine is a huge success...should we get a new trilogy?

Originally Posted by M-2 View Post
I don't want to sequel to this, if it ends up being as great as Mangold and Jackman claim it to be.... The film is said to be more like a Japanese Noir film, and I love that! But lightning doesn't strike twice. This film will be very different to all other X-Men films and even other comic book films, with its style, its story and probably visually.

I hope this film is a true classic and if so leave it be.... Wolverine can always appear in other x-Men films, or in a few more years they could do Old Man Logan. But to do a sequel to this film might not turn out as great, and for that I hope this story ends here.

Unless Daken is introduced...
There are over 300 issues of Wolverine. There are at least a dozen great stories they could adapt.

The natural next step would be Madripoor & The Patch era.

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