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Default Re: If The wolverine is a huge success...should we get a new trilogy?

Originally Posted by M-2 View Post
Yep, but some people were suggesting a sequel to this Wolverine film set in Japan...

If they do another film, they should take it in a different direction. Leave this film as is and not expand on this in the sequel.

Looking at the X-Men series so far, the original trilogy, First Class, Origins, all have their own themes and feel seperate to one another even though they have a small thread that links the series together.

This Wolverine film, feels like its a standalone even though its not... So moving forward instead of making another Set in Japan film, why not go with Madripoor like you suggested or whatever else.

Obviously I want more Wolverine films, but it should be different from the last, and not more of the same.

The next film should take him somewhere else.

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