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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - Part 141

Originally Posted by Deserana View Post
Could not agree more. I'm very annoyed that I only discovered this forum in December. Being here for TDK would have been sensational.

July 20th was a very bittersweet day. Started with the tragic Aurora news which just shocked me. Then I realised all the build up I've been following for a year had finished, just stopped dead. And then coming on here after all that time of anticipation to realise that quite a bit of the response was negative (well I now realise there wasn't THAT many they were just very vocal).

I left these forums for a while recently and now I've had time to properly absorb the film and I think I can admit now it was disappointing (slightly) though I still say disappointing isn't the right word (and nowhere near as disappointing as some posters on here are making out). The story, on paper at least was thee perfect endng for me and for the majority of the film it worked out.

I think the word that sums it up for me is jarring. This seemed like a follow up to BB than TDK. BB was comic-booky, TDK was very grounded and at no point did it seem like a comic book film to me. Barely any of it seemed far fetched and it had the look of a crime film. It also seemed very intimate yet made Gotham feel like a city. The action showdown took place in one building as well, very unusual for these kind of films TDK was a very intimate character piece IMO. So TDKR's massive scope, big brawling, city-wide action set pieces was very jarring to me. The intimacy of TDK allowed its story to be fleshed out to the full and very detailed IMO I know this isn't a common feeling about TDK but this is how I felt. I hate to say it but for TDKR I can't help but feel Nolan lost the story in favour of making it big. It didn't feel as intimate and intricate of TDK or BB. Nolan acheived a fine spectacle and an amazing story but sometimes they didn't work hand-in-hand. The final battle for me is the perfect example as it never felt like a battle to me, looked awesome as hell but it was pretty much ignored instantly and had much more potential.

Yet whenever I watch it I sit back and relax and my worries go out the window. It is only when I look back retrospectively that I notice these issues. I still think this is a wonderful conclusion, I still think its ridiculously entertaining, still think it should have been a two parter and still think it shouldn't have been as big in scale as it was as it was very jarring after TDK.

I think an issue may have been that the big set pieces were all out there in some form before release the Batman/Police chase, (almost) entire final battle, stadium scene, plane hijack, the Bat, Talia reveal etc... etc... now I never actively perseued these videos but my point is that they were out there. This is why this film probably let down many as they knew what was coming more or less especially in regards to the Talia reveal. Think about TDK the only action you could pretty much see online was the Batpod/Truck chase. All the stuff with the Prewitt building/ferries/Two-Face/Hong Kong/Bank Heist could all be contained. The funny thing is the people who saw the TDKR videos were annoyed that what was in the videos was what happened in the film as if Nolan should have had a trick up his sleeve.

Great post. And though I wasn't disappointed in TDKR, it did feel so different from TDK(and from what I was expecting) that it's a hard film to assess on its own merits. I think the film is slightly disjointed, needed more breathing space, and a slightly tighter script. But the good stuff so overwhelms the not so good(for me at least) that I can't decide which film is my favorite. As much as I love TDK, it didn't hit me the way the ending to TDKR did. As a lifelong Batman fan, the emotion of the ending(along with the Bane beatdown of the Bat, the prison escape, etc.) hit me very hard. I'm very glad we have both TDK and TDKR.


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