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Default Re: Winter Soldier: Bionic arm or not?

Originally Posted by Compi716 View Post
This right here is the most important quote from the entire Winter Soldier storyline. It really nails exactly what's transpired, and just how completely brainwashed Bucky is. I hope they keep it in the movie.

As for the bionic arm, it's tricky. One one hand, it's basically THE staple of the character, red star and all. On the other, is pretty "out there" by conventional movie standards, especially considering how it looks (ribbed silver). I mean, how do you make that work realistically without changing it to something more "RoboCop-y?"

Regardless, I have faith that they'll nail his look, as Marvel always has with its characters. Hopefully the script follows suite.
A bionic arm worked fine in I, Robot where Will Smith only reveals halfway through the movie that he actually has a bionic arm (and that's the reason why he hates robots as well).

I think it wouldn't seem too hokey at all in this movie. Why should it, when the whole genre is about people with super powers?

As for the domino mask, I think he needs something at least to prevent Cap from instantly recognising him at first.

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