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Default Re: Winter Soldier: Bionic arm or not?

Originally Posted by MarvelKnight View Post
I think the mask would work. He is pretty much going to be a villain in this film, so it will add a bit of mystery (to those in the movie and people who don't know who WS is). I'm sure by the end of the film the mask will be off and the 'big reveal' of it being Bucky will be a "shock" to the characters and movie-goers.

Even if he is in a future movie I think should keep it as whatever he does would probably be top secret and a mystery to the public(whether its for good or he gets away and does his own thing). That would give reason to keep the mask as to not being identified.

I would like to see the Bionic Arm but I won't be surprised if they don't use it. Maybe his arm gets damaged in this movie if SHIELD actually captures him they fix him up with the robo-arm.
I would go a two shock system. No bionic arm at first. He battles Cap, Cap uses the shield, beats him down with it and ends up removing his arm. He unmasks him, revealing he's Bucky. Crossbones or whoever attacks, retrieves WS, takes him back to HYDRAs base or whatever. Steve is distraught, emotional, etc. They meet and fight again, WS is nonstop attacking him, reveals the bionic arm (think the fight in the tunnel from I, Robot).

You get the emotional "surprise" early, and the action surprise late.

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