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Default Re: IM3 Official Caption thread

Great stuff guys

PEPPER: You know what honey, you´d look so much better with a green and yellow arm...

IRON MAN: You know what?! I´ve had it with your constant nagging and bossing and emasculating me around!! You think I´m gonna fall for that old, stupid "bachelor becomes whipped" cliché, or worse, the "one true love" crap, you´re way, waaaaay off!! I will just get back to boning much hotter and less annoying women than you on a daily basis!! You don´t like it, you can go and cry your sorrows to some Coldplay!!

IRON MAN: And that´s how it´s done.


"Sometimes, people deserve more. Sometimes, they deserve to have their faith rewarded." So, thank you for rewarding mine, Mr. Nolan.

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