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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

I view it like this Aronofsky had a good outline and structure but i feel it was too dark and too graphic for wolverine. i mean a lesbian molestation threesome is bit much!! we don't need soft porn like that.

maybe it could have worked but i really think it would be too extreme.

I like what mangold is doing here. now that Fox understands that they need to let Mangold, Hugh and the writers do their thing...we will get what we should have got last time.

I honestly think that gavin hood wanted to do the same thing but they wouldn't let him. Hugh and Gavin were forced to make a bad film because i guess the people in charge kept interfereing. i'm sure he regrets signing on to do that film.

if The Wolverine is dark knight rises good then hugh should do another one.

i say that they should invite back tyler mane and let him have dialogue and give him some character and they should redo the weapon x story to once and for all erase the stain of orgins forever and actually call the film "weapon x"

the story should be similar to the animated series episode weapon x lies and video tape.

except the x-men would not be apart of the story at all since the team has disbanded. it would be wolverine having flashback nightmares that include tyler mane version of sabertooth and flashback's of him killing silver fox in a cabin.

and more detailed visions of stryker's experiments on both sabertooth like wolverine with the weapon x helmet on being experimented on outside of the water tank.

maverick, silver-fox, and wolverine as team x and visions of them going on missions together.

and somehow in the story wolverine, sabertooth, maverick and silver-fox are forced to work together to battle omega red.

the tyler mane version of sarbertooth resurfaces and they battle in the begining and almost kill each other. and somewhere along the way the whole "false memories" aspect comes into play.

and they remember how stryker recruited all of them.

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