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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

Hello everyone,

I've tried to create a new thread because I've never put out my thoughts on Superman Returns and I feel that I have so many things to say about it. But...I'll be brief...

It concerns a little the new movie too.

At the end of the day - what do you have in a Superman movie? A guy wearing a blue suit and red cape saving people. Wether they make 47 new reboots - it will always be the same story. Personally - I was so happy with SR because we had the SAME Superman character emoting kindness and caring. I couldn't have card less if all he'd done was a few heroics - but the bonus was the plane save.

Now, I was told that the new movie cuts off like if they'd never done movies before so... Why does Jor-El have the "S" symbol on his chest? It was Donner who first brought this up in a movie... A lot of people critized the color palette of SR but the (only) picture of Man of Steel also has a dark palette. Not only that but why are we getting Zod again? Like they said as if no other movies had been made before - while there are a lot of Kryptonians around so...why Zod?

Here something constructive - albeit late and I'm no producer: what SR lacked was a "good punch" at the end (no pun). And that could've been accomplished easily. Lex Luthor having hands on Kryptonian technology would've shown up in his armor (bronze age) version making it a product of ancient Kryptonian soldiers (modified for his needs) and then they could've duked it out.

I know that the new Superman movie will have a lot of that. And I find this a little sad. It's the same principle that Roddenberry had: the Enterprise is an exploration vessel. But they'd only make money at the movies if they could have epic battles where there was destruction and death. Superman only fight because he has no choice but he never wants to - it's his last resort. The way I see it though - it will be his first resort in the next movie.

Thanks for reading this "brief" text.

Know One.

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