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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

Originally Posted by rickfox View Post
For that, Adaptation is better

to those who love Nolanverse characterizations in Dark Knight triolgy

the author has got Selina, Bruce,Alfred,Blake and other characters down so well that it's like The Dark Knight Rises is still playing on, just in reader's head. The way she gives Selina depth, the way she articulates her inner fears, out emotions, is so very well done

she did a wonderful job in developing their relationship and characters in a very believable way.and a great grasp of the characters(Hathaway&Bale)' s facial features, voices,dialogue and motives.

also,the author has a talent with words, storytelling and writing combined.and she seamlessly blends sex, fluff, danger, jokes and a domestic home life all together.
Only read the first page, but the thought of Selina finding Bruce on the beach after he ejected from the Bat (although it's unclear exactly when he ejected) suddenly brings to mind the image of Selina waiting alone on the shore with the batpod, hoping for him to show up.

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