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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past

Don't forget days of future Past earlier was mentioned having a 175 Million Budget.It might go even higher.Singer made X-Men for 75 Million and X2 for 110 Million.This Is first time he has budget that Is equal to what other studios are spending on superhero films.He IS also going to have more time to do this film even If doesn't go Into production till April or May.
X-Men started filming In Late September 1999 and wrapped early february 2000(Hugh Jackman started work In late october and Ian Mckellan finished scenes In December so he could spend Christmas In London before reporting to New Zealand to start work On Lord of the Rings) and he had to get film completed by end of June.He started filming X2 In middle of June 2002 and wrapped Late december 2002 and had to get film completed by april 2003.So he will have more time to finish than he did On X-Men and X2.He also had writers continue to work as filming was going.In fact he decided to do setup for Phoenix and Jean sacrificing herself while they were filming.And he keep that devolpment mostly under wraps till film premiered even arranging a production still to mislead audence.

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