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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Is NOT Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel - Part 1

Major hmmm moment here. I want to celebrate...I really do. But I have misgivings.

On the one hand, I do think that Bryan is a great director; he's an excellent storyteller. But I don't believe he told the best X-Men film stories. Does that even make sense? I know it sounds crazy but it's how I feel. His handling of...well, "everyone else" except Logan was a massive failure to me. Now, I'm afraid he'll be obsessively focused on Xavier and Erik and carve an almost homoerotic nuance out of their storyline--to the point of once again ignoring everyone else. And that's because Bryan's best work excels when he's focused on just 2 or 3 characters. Ensemble films I believe he struggles with big-time.

In other words: this decision to have him direct is a step forward in quality storytelling, but a total step backward in character development for the X-Men as a group. I want Avengers treatment here...hell, even Fantastic Four-level interraction where these mutants operate as a dysfunctional team of heroes. Even X-Men: Last Stand was a stab in the right direction for that. Not sure we'll get that for this sequel.

I'm just...face-palmed out here.

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