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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past

i just hope and pray bryan somehow can create some continuity fixing scenes because x men orgins really hurt and screwed up the continuity and tarnished the image of the trilogy.

so i say have the entire cast - including the kelsey grammer version of beast as well as cyclops and jean grey and professor x alive and even alan cumming as night crawler, ray park as toad and sabertooth cameos too,

in an alternate sentinel future as freedom fighters.

wolveine dies in the future like in the comic.

ellen page travels back in time she convinces young xavier to find wolverine in the past and they get the bone claws wolverine we say in the cameo from first class to help out in the final battle.

maybe they can reintroduce jason and william stryker and in the end when everyone goes their separate ways xavier takes on jason stryker as a student, bone claws wolverine signs on with stryker, and ellen page returns to the future.

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