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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

Originally Posted by #1nolanfan View Post
I agree that their relationship could have been expanded a little more, but this movie was meant to be more of a build up I think between them rather than a big on-screen romance since they already had lots of characters, and tried to make Miranda seem like the real love interest throughout almost the whole movie. Which is why I love reading some of the fanfictions out there of post TDKR, because the writers seem to know these two characters so well, and developed them so well without any rushing.

You Look Better in Pearls (This one would actually make an awesome fourth movie, if only Heath Ledger was still alive, RIP)-

I clearly did not have anything better to do tonight, so I actually read through those two, and also Adaptation. Golly, I have not read fan fiction since middle school.

You Look Better in Pearls was my favorite since it was the most plot-reasonable, but there are still things about it I didn't like. Prefer Pieces' Bruce just showing up at Selina's apartment and thinking it's funny, instead of him stalking her throughout Italy. I mean, hello Mary Sue! And poor Blake being sexiled in his own apartment! He deserves better. Although Pieces has a pretty weak Selina for the rest of it.

I had to skip through the numerous very descriptive sex scenes in Pearls though, although I liked the general plot, and wondered if it was possible to go through an entire chapter without a single sex scene. I don't think I did. And then on Chapter 20 the author writes a note about how her husband stole thousands of dollars from her bank account and cheated on her with a dude and I'm like, "OMG that explains SO MUCH. " Well, and it's also kind of sad.

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