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Doh Re: Matthew Vaughn Is NOT Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel - Part 1

Honestly while I appreciate all the doors Singer's adaptations opened for other franchises, I think his interpretation failed to capture crucial and compelling aspects of the comics.

Singer has failed to fully express the hate and fear the public in general have for mutants. The Xmen are an allegory for the Civil Rights movement but at no point in the movies did I feel that mutants were afraid to walk the streets for fear of being murdered or lynched. Yes there have been a radical few in the government but nothing that I felt would merit secluding themselves from the populace. It is this racial element that forges the bonds between this band of misfits. Did they ever even utter the racial epitaph "mutie" in any of the films?

Psychic powers remain completely under utilized and boring. Surely there could be something these creative individuals can do to better feature these powers and help people understand just what makes the Professor so powerful. Some might point to the Phoenix scenes from X3, but does average Joe understand that her powers are psychic in nature?

Lastly, and i know this is sacreligeous, I am tired of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. I'll be the first to admit that Hugh has exceeded my expectations as Wolverine, however, between his good looks and his poorly adapted characterization, I don't feel that they have fuly captured the character that I loved from the books. I would rather see the tiny ball of fury and bad attitude he was early in the books. Not the tall handsome boyscout they made him in the movies.

Not all of this is Singer's fault but it is his design that has been perpetuating these issues.

Then there is continuity, which by now is so screwed, it takes an army of fanboys to tell me how many minutes of which scene in which movie to disregard so that it all makes sense.

I expect Days of Future Past will be partly a vehicle with which they intend to address all the continuity crap but if that is the case, that is valuable story time they shouldn't have to waste in correcting errors. It would be cheating viewers when it is something they should have gotten right the first time around.

Just an opinion.

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