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Default Re: The (potential) Masters of Evil thread

I would think that MoE would lend itself well to Avengers 2, and the reason being Fury's explanation for Phase 2 in The Avengers...

"The world's filling up with people who can't be matched, they can't be controlled."

So The Avengers put it's focus on extra-teresstrial threats to the Earth, and it makes sense. However, it's obvious from Fury's line, as well as what we know from TIH, Iron Man 2 and Thor, that SHIELD is just as concerned about threats here on Earth, which Phase 2 was supposed to deal with.

The Masters of Evil fits the bill here. Super-villians, with a plot to take over the world. Who is going to stop them? Most of these villians are hard enough for 1 hero to match:

Iron Man vs Mandarin
Hulk vs Abomination
Cap vs Red Skull or Zemo
Thor vs Enchantress or Loki

If even two of these villians team up for any reason, they are likely more than a single hero can handle. That's why MoE vs The Avengers makes so much sense. How else do you portray a threat from here on Earth, in such a way that it's too big for a single hero to handle?

The only other threat here on Earth which is that big, is Ultron. But with Ant-Man scheduled for release AFTER Avengers 2, it's not likely we'll see Ultron portrayed.

Then, you have the Thanos link. Using Thanos, you could easily adapt the story from AEMH where it was Loki pulling the MoE's strings, only in this case, it would be Thanos pulling the strings, to further his own agenda. This would serve to incorporate Thanos to Avengers 2 in a minor capacity, which would then save him as the "main event" for a possible Avengers 3.

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